Jack – coordination and movement.

Jan 9 to 13, 2011.
As usual my morning programme with Jack is Rebound therapy and some outdoor games.

Time passed very fast. This week I carry-on the water pouring game with Jack. He seems to like this activity. As a therapist I will view it, as Jack is aware of his lacking in coordination.

Jack’s former pre-school is a Montessori based pre-school. He has been there for two years and I do not understand how it comes he has not developed eye and hand coordination? To my understanding water pouring is one of the exercises of practical life. It is something they should have looked into in his former pre-school. Obviously they missed that.

Jack is a choosy boy when it comes to food. However during the Monday morning tea break, Jack asks to eat bread with salad leaves. I told myself he must be joking. To my surprise Jack did finish the bread with salad leaves. Wow, another improvement Jack has made.

When teacher tells a story in class, Jack remains quite attentive. I also noticed that the more Jack is on Rebound Therapy, the better he can focus with an increasing attention span. For instance, I showed him a picture containing assorted items. There are 6 different items on the picture and Jack has to count each item’s quantity. He is now able to complete 5 items and only when he comes to the sixth item, i notice he looses attention. For a boy like Jack, I will say he improves each day and has made a nice progress compares to when he first came to the therapy programme

Today is Friday, I gave him a piece of paper to color: the picture has numbers in it and each number represents a color to use. It is a size of A4 paper. To my surprise he manages to finish coloring the whole page with only a small mistake. It is not a mean task: to finish the whole page the child needs to remain attentive, sit on his chair and color.

Jack's flowers

Jack's flowers

Well, when I give him this task, I explained that if he is able to finish, I will display his coloring on the wall board. I show him that his friend’s coloring was displayed on the wall board.

He asks how about his coloring? I told him, I will display it on the wall if he manages to finish the task. Eventually he manage to complete the task satisfactorily and I display his work on the wall board. He looks happy with a sense of achievement. It took him 30min to finish the piece of work with a ever better coordination and movement of his fingers.

A lot of intervention work has gone into getting Jack to keep his focus. Many techniques are used to achieve this. One of the techniques is massaging the nerve points that command eye focus. There is no simple and single therapy that can do all. Each child is a unique individual and it takes great efforts of observation and experience to find what works with one child but perhaps not with another. “One size fits all” therapy has seldom success. Each therapy must be adapted to each child. I will always adapt the therapy to the child and not the other way around.

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