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Jan 16 to 20, 2012.

Improving Ruth’s skills is one of the greatest satisfactions I had. From a child with no communication skill to a child that communicates both verbally and in reading. My first year’s target was to recover her speech. Now we start the second year.

As I work with Ruth, I observe Ruth’s vision tracking. She seems to have a fast scan of what she sees. Hence, I believe this will affect her writing skill. Before she finishes her strokes of a word, she has already finished seeing it. Her brain is too fast for her hand. Hence this semester I am focusing on vision therapy for her. Much therapeutic work is to be done with Ruth. I have started the vision therapy and I can notice that her tracking and focus has improved though it is not yet what I expect it to be. I must remember she is a child that started from zero. Within a year she is able to talk and read, to me it was amazing. I also know many children that have been to a  speech therapist for years and yet their speech has not improved as much as Ruth’s.

Apart from attending my programme, Ruth’s parents did send her to a speech therapist once a week for an hour of learning. I am not sure  if the therapist noticed but there is a change in Ruth’s speech. Recently I noticed she speaks faster and faster until I cannot understand what she says. I further observed and I noticed her tongue rolling was weak. That result her pronunciation was not accurate. Bear in mind as the child grows all her muscle development will develop. It is a complex process: perhaps in her process of growth, she lack  tongue stimulation via the kind of food she consumes. A child at age of 4 may want a more solid texture food, however if her family has been feeding her mainly with soft food it may affect her development of the oral tract and speech organs. I have been working on the speech oral tract therapy. Of course I can see some results already but again I am expecting more.

Everything is connected, but the most important of all are proper foundations: without a proper development of the oral tract and muscle how will a child be able to talk?

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