Child’s Creative play.

Jan 16 to 20, 2012.
This week it is Chinese New Year weekend.

I have opened up a carton box and put it in the centre of the hall for Ruth to scribble on it. To my surprise a young boy age 3 (nickname Tom) has taken the box and fold it back to use it as a car. Tom sits in it, he begins to drive his “car”; there comes Ruth and she sits behind him. The two of them begin to communicate, I follow their conversation, Tom mentioned “check the tyres”. Both said “vroom, vroom”. They are truly immersed into their creative play.

I did not imagine any of the children will fold the flattened carton to use it as a car. I call them “little inventors” with creative play by using recycled carton. I guess we adults have lost touch with creative play. We are more focused on new technology play.

Jack lays on the floor and asks me to use the carton box to cover him. I fold it back to make it into a one side open box in rectangular shape to cover Jack. Jack seems to be in dark space. He feels calm in this position. I made little knocking sounds. Wow, that really involves sensory processing for him to be able to deal with darkness and sound. After Jack, all the kids  want to try to box games. In my mind I was thinking, we live in the technology age and we have forgotten about how nature will stimulate each of our senses. May be because of that we have many children who have sensory processing disorders. They lack activities that will stimulate their senses and the results are these little disorders. I just wonder in the modern world how many of the city children/urban children have the chance to climb up a tree?

Lion dance at Seattle's Chinatown-Internationa...

Lion Dance

Another day, an older boy age 6 (nickname Jeft) took the same cartoon box and folded it up to play as the lion dance for Chinese New Year. Jeft leads with the head, Jack in the middle and another boy (nickname Mike) carries the tail. My teacher creates the music, I invited Milah, and Tom to use pine sticks for drumming. Wow,  I truly see a group of talented creative children. They dance with joy and excitement. In my mind I said, since they have started this creative play, I will allow them to express themselves through the dance, I stand to observe their teamwork … and almost forget they are children with learning difficulties. Ruth and Tom are so excited and keep saying “my turn, my turn”, meaning their turn to lead the lion dance head.

It has been a joy to see that Ruth, Jack, Milah and their friends are able to join into a group to have fun.

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