Accept the reality and help the child

Jan 23 to 26, 2012. Chinese New Year.

During Chinese New Year while visiting friends and relatives, I have been meeting up with teachers. Most of them are from primary schools. Some said “we teach the children but the children can’t absorb what we taught”. The worst is these teacher are then being blamed for not knowing how to teach the children. Some parent just can’t accept their child has a learning disorder. They fail to accept that fact and as a result the child has to suffer later in life the consequences of its development disorder.

Well, it is the sad reality of our country (and I guess many other countries) that there are few school teachers who have the skill to do early intervention training or even know how to recognize the learning disorders as a first step to help those children. If those children with learning disorders are not given the right therapies at an early age they will probably remain the same and later will fail to cope with the school academic.  In this context, who is to blame: the school, the teacher or perhaps the parents?

I guess every one who deals with children has to play a role to help them. In my blog I am thankful for the parents of Jack, Ruth and Milah. They accept the fact and send their child for early intervention. One can see the improvements they have made. e.g. Ruth was without speech, no self help skill, no eye contact, and she could not read when she first joined me in begining of January 2011, but now she can talk, has self help skills and is able to read well as the end of age 4; Jack was in the Montessori preschool for two year and still could not read, but now he is being transformed, he is able to read, write and follow instructions; Milah was without reading skill, had a low self esteem, communicated but little but now she is a joyful girl that can read, count and write.

Often I told Ruth’s father, he has to work hard to pay the therapy for his daughter, but  later  he will reap his sowing as Ruth will get better.

Dear reader of my blog, my piece of advice is to accept the fact that some children have learning disorders, but they can be overcome by therapy and it makes an improvement each day for your child. Later you will reap what you sow now. It is a long time investment in the future happiness of your child.



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