Jack – Recalling system

Jan 30 to Feb 3, 2012.

A week has passed by since the Chinese New Year celebration. I was amazed after a week off from the centre that Jack is still able to read the mini phrases book with ten phrases and other words which he has been taught before Chinese New Year. It is an eye opener to me, as those word lists and books are kept in the centre. It means basically that during the whole of the Chinese New Year period, Jack could not read those words and he is still able to recall them now. Wow, amazing. Bear in mind, Jack is a boy who has been attending a Montessori preschool and he could not read when he entered the centre.

In Chinese New Year, Jack received a large Ultraman (approx 2 feet high) toy from his aunt. He was proud to share this with me, but in my mind after this Chinese New Year Jack has grown up. Jack is no longer a little boy/small boy. He is a big boy and a Big boy doesn’t play Ultraman. Big boys play yo-yo,

English: Wooden yo-yo

A wooden yo-yo

London bus, remote helicopter. Well that is what I have told Jack … and I keep reminding him ┬ánot to play Ultraman if he wants to be a clever boy. I told him to pack his Ultraman and bring it to centre, then we throw it in the dump truck. Jack told me “ok”. In return he wants a yo-yo from me. On the next day of Jack confirmation with me to bring his Ultraman to centre, I went to purchase a yo-yo for him and another boy name Jeft (nickname) who will also bring his Ultraman, Power Ranger and all the vcd and dvd. The two boys happily handover the Ultraman, Power Ranger, … to me. In the evening they each have a yo-yo to take home.

Jack did make drama at home, but his parents was remained firm and said Jack has thrown it away in the centre. They direct Jack’s attention to his London Bus. I can see his obsession with Ultraman decreases as the day goes by. Jack also is more attentive in learning. Every day I affirm Jack that he is a good and clever boy. Clever boys have to learn to read and no longer play with baby toys.



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