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Jan 30

The Chinese New Year days-off are now a week behind us. Ruth comes to the centre as usual. According to her father, Ruth has very much improved in her speech, environmental awareness and socialising with others. Before Chinese New Year, Ruth received many intensive therapy sessions hoping it would enable her to control her pronunciation. This week I noticed Ruth’s pronunciation has much improved and she clearly pronounces the words.

Vision therapy is also something that we have trained intensively. I noticed Ruth’s eyes  do not keep track off the ball when she plays ball catching and throwing. Hence she failed to catch the ball. The holistic developmental programme has truly helped Ruth to develop into a more environmental and spatial aware child.

She is also creative. In the centre I have a board for eye and hand coordination treading and creative treading. Ruth and Tom have coverted it to become a birthday cake (pretend play). They insert crayons in each hole of the board  and the crayons are in standing position like a candle.  They name it “the Birthday cake”.

These common thin, stick-shaped candles are st...

Birthday cake

Ruth and Tom sing a birthday song. To me as a therapist, I have been observing the way they play and interact. At one occasion Ruth invites Tom to come and play with her. She said “di di (young brother in Chinese) come and play with me”. I have also noticed in certain occasions when Ruth gets upset and angry, she no longer like hits the desk with her hands like she used to do. She is able to internalize her anger and frustration and control it. Again this is done through a series of therapeutic exercises and these enabled her to control her anger. We should never despair: there is hope for every child with special needs.


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