Transform into new person after Chinese New Year.

Ultraman Story


Jan 30 to Feb 3, 2012.

Jack and Jeft are two good fiends in the centre. Both are 6 years old. Jeft is a boy who has the most toys of ultraman, power rangers and a collection of vcd and dvd of those toys. I could remember when Jeft first joined the centre at age 5. He was without the interest to write and read. I have to use ultraman to motivate him to learn to write and read so as to count. Ultraman was Jeft hero. After a year of therapies, Jeft is now  an independent learner.

However in this new year I have notice he has develop some violent action shown in ultraman and power ranger movies. Into this came Jack ,another ultraman and power ranger fan. Wow, the two of them really can carry on ultraman topic and occasionally I can see they show the violent action of ultraman. They become very obsessed with ultraman and power ranger. I thought I must make a transformation and change into their life in this Chinese New Year.

I came out with the story of after Chinese New Year, we all grow older (big) one year more. We are big boy and girl. You see your big brother Edward (nickname) don’t play ultraman and power ranger (age 10), He plays foot ball, yo-yo. He is clever, he is able to read many books. Do you want to be like your brother Edward? Surprisingly both Jeft and Jack also want to be like Edward.I call it mentoring among the young children. I told both Jeft and Jack to bring all their  ultraman and power rangers toys.The next day they brought all those toys happily though I can see Jack was little reluctant. But they agreed to bring the ultraman stuff to centre and throw it away. So the next day I have made ready the garbage for them to put the toys in (they will remember their action). They told me they want a yo-yo. I have also get them a yo-yo. I honor my word and they have to honor their word.

Well, that is how the children remove their favourite toys which do not give them good values. They do not know what is good and bad in this toy’s character. After removing this toys in the second day of the week. I have also seen less rough ultraman action. I also keep reminding them, they are a new person with new toys like yo-yo: a big boy plays badminton, yo-yo, football and London Bus.

The suprise is taht both Jack and Jeft did not throw a tantrum in the centre. As the days pass by they also mentioned ultraman and power ranger less and less. Jeft also brought his clothing with Ultraman, power ranger and Ben 10. Motifs as well to the centre to be given away.





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