Jack – new life

Feb 8 to 10, 2012.

Time has passed by very fast. Jack came back to the centre. His ability to remember the phrase book is still fresh in my mind, I have taught him phrase book  C,  D, E and the number word from eleven to nineteen. Jack has always given me a surprise with his ability to recall what he learned. Wednesday morning I notice Jack listens attentively to the teacher with word reading cards with explanations and sentences making examples. He used to unable to stay focused with eye contact but today he really has that eye contact and focus. Seeing his development is a great motivation for me.

Today Thursday, Jack’s father sent him to centre. The first thing he get off the car, I greet him “How are you Jack”? He told me he has a headache. Immediately I touch his forehead, I found he has a fever. Contacting his mother,she said she  prepared some fever medicine to stand by. Well this is the first time Jack feels sick, (his brother has been sick for few days). This is also the first time I have to give him medicine. What a great challenge for me. I just put the medicine into the 5ml spoon for him to take.I notice his reluctance to take medicine, I will just ignore it with affirmation that he is a clever boy and that medicine will remove the headache. Slowly he finishes the 5ml medicine. I contact his mother to inform the medicine has been given. She asked me “how did you do that”?  Well I just put in spoon and he took it. Now only I realise at home his parents had a tough time to give medicine to him … that is what his mother told me.

That evening his mother phones me saying he is reluctant again to take medicine, I told his mother I will go to her house to give him the medicine. I went there … I use the same approach, amazingly he takes the medicine. My greatest concern is if he refuse to take medicine and fever unable to reduce, it may damage the brain. Hence I went to his house to give him the medicine. According to Jack’s mother, Jack’s tantrums have decreased compared to last time before he attended the therapy lessons with me. I use a lot of Rebound therapy method to work with Jack.


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