Ruth – awareness.

Feb 8 to 10. 2012

Working with Ruth is a great joy, there are time she will drive you mad, but when you think of her unique qualities, you will feel the joy to help develop her.

Ruth has improved in communication, awareness of her environment, ability to engage friends to play with her, ability to show a little boy what she can do, e.g. crawl in the tunnel.

She has also improved her exposure to food, at least she begins to eat a variety of food. Last year, when I offer her food she will say no, she just refuses to try other types of food. But

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now she will request food. E.g. one afternoon, she went to the kitchen, and brings me an apple (I usually leave some fruit on a child size table). Ruth  said “I want an apple”. I immediately reply, “ok we will eat an apple”. Today at noon again, I ask her “do you want banana cake”? She replies, “yes”. Truely enough she ate the cake while waiting to go home.

And this morning, Ruth saw a girl stand up on the chair, Ruth told the girl, “Don’t do that”.

Yesterday noon again she uses the eye and hand coordination board to insert crayons. She brings it to a teacher and said “Here is a birthday cake for you”. she then sing “happy birthday” to the teacher. Time and again she shows amazing development of herself. Ruth  continues with her vision therapy and oral organ therapy to help her speak more clearly. I see she shows improvement.

My focus on this semester with Ruth is to enable her to have better vision and tracking of work that she has to perform. eg for her to be able to write. Handwriting is a great challenge to me and her family. Of course she has gone through letter tracing in sand paper form. I also noticed she is able to use both her right and left hand to scribble and color. It looks like both her left and right brain halves are in control.

To me handwriting is more than a fine motor skill. For a person to be able to write he/she must have a mental image of the letter(s) to be produced. In order to write a person must has the executive function capabilities to run the hand to produce the letters in order, on a line, appropriate size and placing. It looks easy for all of us that have acquired this skill, but it actually is a great challenge to child with special needs.



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