Caleb – new boy

Feb 8 to 10, 2012.

Caleb is a new boy, he is  over 3 years old. He was transferred from a Montessori pre-school. Caleb is very vocal but with unclear pronunciation. According to his parents, there are times Caleb will sleep in school. How can a healthy child sleep in the school if the activities are interesting? His mother also mentioned that the school principal said Caleb is unable to sit still in class. How can a child sit still to learn if he did not develop his basic foundation and awareness of himself? I notice he is still talking in baby language.  He has not been formally diagnosed.

It is rather an adventure to work with Caleb. He does not cry in the first day in the centre: in general a normal child will have tears when it first attends school or centre (separation anxiety). Caleb seems to have much energy. He tours around the exterior of the centre where I have a tunnel, water pool, swing and garden. He just could not keep attention.

In my first time meeting Caleb I remember, he told me “doctor”: he took a cube to pretend as a torch light to check my tongue. He said “open your month; see the tongue, see the eyes”. I play with him, I pretend to be a patient to him. Upon finishing with Caleb, I asked his mother, “what make him like doctor? It seems he want to be a  doctor”. His mother said he was not well and she took him to see doctor. Aha, he was copying what the doctor did to him and Caleb puts it into practice with me.

Since it is the first three days of Caleb in centre, I have given him a light and easy lesson. I even invite him for the bouncing/rebound therapy but he is afraid. He has a lack of vestibular balance. Even when Caleb is walking, I can see he has a hunch, bending  with the upper body forwards.





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