Jack – amazing

Feb 13-17, 2012.

This week Jack is not in fit health. Jack now allows his parent to give him medicine. Last week he refused medicine. I always remind Jack that medicine will remove his headache. His low grade fever comes and goes but he does not make much noise. He is able to take medicine willingly. This week the programme will be light and easy for Jack.

First two days  of the week Jack was rather weak and he did vomit a few times. I contacted his mum, she said Jack does so after having fever. Eventually Jack recovered after 3 days. It is amazing that Jack is aware that he want to throw up, Hence he will go to the washroom to throw up and afterwards Jack cleans the washroom by himself, I  observe him with a smile. He asks “Am I a good boy”? My reply, “Oh yes you are a good boy” with a smile to him.

Monday morning when Jack reached the centre, I greet him with a “Good morning Jack”, He said he brings the London Bus. He shows me the red double decker wooden bus with passenger sitting inside. We do maths counting: he counts how many passenger are in the bus. I incorporate addition and subtraction though this is rather difficult for a learning difficulties child to understand.  He remembers that the bus is for people and not for animals.

This week I continue with the oral organ development stimulation with the introduction of the sour taste. I can also notice when Jack excited he is able to clearly pronounce the words with less  stammering. Therapy is a daily programme to Jack to stimulate the neuron pathways. Jack is also able to recall to read words that I have taught him.  On one morning, he told me “Teacher I no longer shout at home”. My response is “Wow, you are a smart good boy”. Before attending therapy lessons in my centre , off and on Jack will shout when he gets frustrated. But his tantrums have much toned down.

We see here an interesting evolution. He is getting more self-aware and even notices that his behavior is improving.

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