Ruth – adventure

Feb 13 to 17, 2012

Learning is an adventure for Ruth. She is able to integrate with other children in the centre. She does daily therapy. We will start Rebound Therapy with Ruth before she proceeds to the next therapy. She is able to sit and listen to instructions, eg I tell her to sit on the trampoline bed, and when I count to 3 she has to bounce up with my support. She has to listen and control herself, if I don’t count to 3, she is not allowed to bounce up. To her, this is a fun time. Each time she fails to follow the instruction, she will say “oops sorry”. when she is able to perform she will say “yeah”.

Ruth is now also able to focus on tracing vertical lines and horizontal lines. It needs eye and hand coordination to know when to stop. I start it with dotted vertical lines of the same lengths and then moved to different lengths. After she grasped the concept of a vertical line, I move into horizontal lines. She has fine motor skills but she needs to develop concept image in her brain and act it out. In few occassions I saw Ruth trace horizontal lines all by herself.

For lunch I prepares fried chicken.

Sanders remains the official face of Kentucky ...


I serve it for the full day children with rice and mix vegetables, Ruth saw it … she said “Kentucky Fried Chicken” (KFC). I ask her, “Do you want to eat some?” and she replies “Yes”. I cut the fried chicken into small pieces, and serve her with a fork on a plate. She is able to coordinate to use the fork to take the chicken. Ruth will have ┬áher lunch at home. My intention is to extend her time in the centre and to develop her taste for a different variety of food. As the days go by, I notice she is able slowly to try new food. According to her father she has a stereotype of food. She won’t try other food. But now at least she opened up for other food.

Each development improvement in Ruth is a success Ruth has make to herself. It is more than academic performances.




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