Ian – eye contact

Feb 20 to 24, 2012.

Ian’s mother updated me about his response to 27 hours of therapy. According to Ian’s mother, Ian’s father said he begins to see that Ian makes eye contact when they speak. When they call Ian, Ian is also able to respond to them by turning to look at them.

His mother also said Ian is able to focus when having meals. Before Ian was send to my centre for therapy, he was unable to sit down and have his meal. They had to put something on table for him to play with and at the same time have the meal. After attending therapy session, Ian is able to sit in a proper meal setting to finish the meal and then only get down to play. I cannot imagine how to feed a child when the child cannot focus. In our society, I have seen many adults following their toddlers while feeding them.

His mother also said Ian is more responsive, his basic speech is clearer. This week I have been working on his oral speech organ development and sensory issues in respect of his speech. Ian also has Rebound session with me. In Rebound, I keep saying “Ian Jump, jump higher, higher!”. I can hear he begins to say the word “higher”.

I also suggested his mother to put Ian’s favorite food in a screw cap container. Ian takes the container and tries to open. But he failed to open it and he shows frustration. I come to approach Ian: “Ian can I help you”? I told him to say “open”, he struggles, then I say again:¬† “Ian say ‘open'”. He did try to say the word “open”. He was ¬†entitled to a piece of biscuit. He smiled when I gave him the biscuit.

Now when I address him/call him, he is able to respond to me. I even give some basic instructions for him to carry out the task. The most obvious is after using some equipments the child has to bring it back to the right place. So after playing I will require him to bring it to the right place.

Ian comes for a 9 hours holistic therapy programme per week. In a few weeks he has already made a remarkable progress.

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