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Feb 20-24, 2012.

Jack is really improving. Formerly he didn’t allow us in the centre to close the bathroom door, then he proceeds to an almost closed door, now he closes the toilet door himself. Initially he also refused to take any medicine when he was sick, hence it took him a while to recover from a fever. Now he takes his medicine wdithout problem. He also no longer first smells his food beffore he starts eating and he akkkkctually begins to enjoy eating “new” food.

His ability to communicate has also shown a marked improvement. He is able to carry on a conversation with longer sentences and he always asks unexpected questions. He remembers with more ease how to read the words were taught. He has a longer attention span now and can better focus on the task at hand.

His mother reports that Jack throws less tantrums at home compare to before he attend therapy with us. It seems the day becomes more brighter for the family.

We will now try to keep making further improvements with other issues in his development though by the looks of him, he seems to be a normally developed child. In reality he still has issues that needs to be patched up to make him a better boy. I have returned back the Ultraman to his parents. According to his mother, she will keep it in the store room.

On one occasion in the evening, he kicked the football and by accident hit my toes, 30% of the nail comes off with some blood. When he saw it he was frightened, he said “Blood, blood” and did not dare to come closer. The next day I showed him the toes, he asked “Pain ah”? and my my reply was, “Of course, pain” with a smile to him and he replied “Put some oilment on it”.

Working with a child with special needs is not easy, it takes a lot of creativity and close observation to look into the child’s development and to continue to help them to achieve the best results. Every occasion must be taken to work with them and even a small accident can be turned into a good thing to allow these children the opportunity to learn about human interest and empathy. A teacher’s work is never finished!



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