Milah – creation of communication

Feb 20- 24, 2012

Time  passed by very fast since  my last post about Milah in January. Her parents were very concerned because she does not talk much. Now in her second month in our centre, the environment here made Milah  to communicate  both in Bahasa Malaysia and English.

Feedback received from her father is that Milah has become more vocal. In the centre I can personally  hear she communicate in English with boys and other therapist and teacher. Definitely Rebound therapy™ has developed the confidence in Milah to express herself. Rebound Therapy™ also improves the stamina of Milah. She really enjoy the Rebound Lesson.

Since our programme is holistic we also incorporate cognitive development in reading and numeracy to prepare her for advance learning when she will be 7 years old. Milah’s ability to read and solve mathematics is improving. We are hoping she will converse more each day so as to express her feelings.

At the moment I am working on the emotional development of Milah. When she makes a little mistake and  is being corrected, she will feel sad.  It is important she learns to cope with good and bad things. She has made a nice improvement from being a timid and reserved girl to  a lively preschooler.



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