Ruth – amazing

Feb 20-24, 2012

Feedback from Ruth’s father. Over the weekend Ruth had to stay with her aunt. It is the first time her aunt has to take care of her. Her aunt said Ruth is much better to integrate into her environment. She is able to tell her needs even when her parents were not with her. Her parents had to attend a relative’s funeral in another state (Negeri Sembilan),

Flag of Negeri Sembilan, a state of Malaysia.

Negeri Sembilan Flag

Ruth has to go to another state where her aunt lives (Pahang) on Saturday morning. On Sunday her aunt had to drive Ruth and sister from Pahang to Ruth’s home in Kuala Lumpur.
Amazing, she is able to eat food that is prepared by someone she  dont usually meet. Normally Ruth only eat the food prepared by her grandmother.

Ruth continues her therapy daily, Rebound Therapy is a must for Ruth to focus, then we -proceed to practi’=e vertical and horizontal line tracing. Ruth was only able to focus for few line when starting. As gradually,  she is coping better when her eyes begin to track the tracing. She has grasped (a little) already the mental concept of tracing the line. I have  put her on tracing rectangles  in doted line, then triangles in dotted lines. Daily about 6 to 8 she has to do it.

We have also begun with  diagonal line tracing. she is able to complete about 10 lines daily Though she cant trace much diagonal lines, she shows improvement as she progresses. From vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. I have invited her to practice the letter  “T” and “t”, “V” and “v” and the big letter “A”.

Visual learning is not a tough time to Ruth , she is doing well. She reads well, she is able to talk with people when the need arises.Her tantrums are also less. She is able to read number in word and numerals. Now we are working on to understand the concept of maths. Isolation of number with quantity.

It is a great challenge to work with Ruth, we are waiting for the day she will be able to write. Her father is looking forward to that this day.


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