Jack – language

Feb 27 to March 2, 2012

A well thought-out early intervention programme is most important for a child with learning difficulties. This is Jack’s 3rd month in the centre. I provide therapies and education development for Jack to prepare himself  for further learning.

Jack has made much progress, getting more and more able to understand and use language eg: how to use the personal pronouns of “she”and “he”. Jack now knows how to use “he” and when to use “he”. One evening while waiting for his dad, both Jack and I are on a swing. In a fun way I asked him: “How do I have to address your father apart from address him as Mr. Tan”? Jack says, “Use ‘he'”. On that occasion, we  saw a young man walking by with his dog, I ask Jack how I can address this young man and Jack replied “Use ‘he'”. I ask him, “How about you and me”? He said “We”. It took a while for him to understand how to use the personal pronouns. Jack is now also able to understand when to use “is” and “are”. Jack is integrating into pre-schooler lessons. When he seems disoriented I invite him for therapy. Then he will be oriented back. Concentration is important for a child to obtain the focus to acquire new skills.

Along the therapy lessons I also noticed Jack has difficulties to catch a ball when the ball is throw about his eye level. Much therapy is done again, now he is able to cope when the ball is thrown above eye level for him to catch. At least it shows he is improving in spatial awareness and able to to command his hands to lift up to catch the ball.

There are no shortcuts to develop a learning disorder child. As he grows I continue to observe  error in his development. Then I will work on that area to make Jack better. At the moment I am working with Jack on the concept of mathematics. Despite he has attended already two year of preschool education in a Montessori preschool, Jack is still unable to grasp the concept of mathematics and isolate number and quantity.

Careful observation is the basis of all  remedial training. With every step forward new opportunities, but also new challenges, arise. That is no different far each of us. Children with a learning disorder however will need a bit more time and support to be able to progress.


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