Speech and Communication

March , 2012.

This month is a busy month. My team and I review our cases. I am surprised to notice that in our society, there are so many children with learning difficulties. I have seen many unresponsive children, without eye contact, with speech delay or disorder, global developmental delay, some even being labeled as autistic child at age 2 year plus. Some really lack basic communication skills. I wonder what will happen to those children when they grow up? If they cannot speak, how will they be able to integrate into the society?

Some parents will say, when the time comes, the child will be able to talk. Will this happen automatically? Some parents will tell me it is expensive to send their child to a therapist. I think it is more cost effective to send the children for early intervention compared to the cost to care for them when they grow up in adult hood.  Again I asked myself: what will happen to the child when they grow up if they don’t improve. Will they be able to integrate into the society? What  future will they have in this competitive modern living world.

I have also seen children attending preschool for two year and still don’t have a proper pronunciation. Wow, what happened to their pronunciation? I am totally in shock to see all these learning disorders. I name the children with special need as children with learning disorder. What will happen to  the society if these children with learning disorder do not receive proper help and become “adults with learning disorders”?

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