Ruth – Learning to write

Feb 27-March 2, 2012.

Feedback from Ruth’s father. He says Ruth is able to follow the basic writing strokes at home. She is able to sit to complete the task given by him.At home Ruth’s father gave her the alphabet sheet   i  had prepared on sheets of paper for Ruth to trace.

Over here in the centre I do vision therapy and other therapy for Ruth.I also approach her father to continue vision therapy at home before Ruth goes to bed. We still work on the concept of writing for Ruth. Vertical and horizontal lines are the two lines we are focusing on, though she has been doing some diagonal lines too. I also have begun to talk to Ruth about drawing a human face since she has  little concept of the positioning of eyes, nose, ears, hair.

Ruth has improved from a girl who did not have speech but now is able to communicate meaningfully. She is also aware of what happens in the environment surrounding her. There is one morning I was doing the bilateral movement together with the therapist in my centre for a child age 6. Ruth will come over to help. She started counting numbers like. one, two , three, four etc as we were giving the therapy to that child.

Ruth seems to know what is she doing.  I ask Ruth to help me and get the brush from the shelf, Ruth is able to understand and carry out the task given. She improved each day. She now understands and uses “where”, “who”, “what”. On one afternoon after lesson Ruth will pack her bag to get ready to go home. I ask her “Where do you want to go? She replied , “Go grandmother house.”

There is no short cut to improve a learning disorder child/ child with special needs. Ruth’s family’s involvement has also helped her to speed up her learning in acquired skills. Some of the therapy skills can be carried out at home and we will encourage the parents to continue the therapy at home. Therapy then becomes an everyday matter. Success and improvement will soon become an everyday matter too.

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