Ian – Positive outlook

March 1 to 9, 2012.

The parents’ involvement in therapy for their children is very important. Daily I will receive updates from the parents about how their child behaves at home. Ian’s mother told me Ian is more positive now.

He is able to initiate a conversation, even with just a single word. One day the family went out, they pass by a public playground, according to Ian’s mother, Ian said “Play”. This tells us Ian is aware of the environment he is in. He is able to relate the word “play” in real life instead of depending on a picture card to understand the word “play”.

In my work with children with special needs, I really hope the child will not have to depend on picture cards for them to initiate the word to say. It will be better if they can integrate the word they learned into daily use. But the reality of life imposes itself: for a child which totally lacks spontaneous speech, I will have to design means of communication ¬†according to the child’s need and ability.

Ian is more settled and focused when compared to last month. His response to his environment also improved. When I call him, he will look at me. He is also able to follow basic instruction to carry out the tasks given to him.


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