Jordan – new boy

March  – July, 2012

  • Name : Jordan
  • Age : 6 years old.
  • He walks on tip toes.  He has not developed speech ability and is therefore poor in communication, He lacks self help skills. He drools and will doze off when not attended too.
  • but he is good at basketball and football, amazingly good even.

I told his mother I did not see much chances to assist. However from feedback by his parents, I learned that Jordan did improve. “What improvement have you see in Jordan?”, I asked.

According to his mother :

  • Before therapy.: Jordan was unable to recognize his father’s car when parked at the car park, even if they took him to the same row of where his father parked the car. 
  • after therapy : Jordan is able to recognize his father’s car in the car park.
  • Before therapy : In public for meal time, Jordan was unable to accept certain sounds. When he heard such sound he will push the table away.
  • After therapy : He is able to cope better with such sounds in public.
  • Before therapy : Jordan was unable to play with team mates.
  • After therapy : Jordan is able to play with his team mates.
These improvements are not unimportant: Jordan has now better spatial orientation and memory; he has better control of himself and his social skills have improved.
There are really no short cuts to improve and activate a child to become more responsive and be aware of itself. After months of therapy, Jordan is now at least able to call his father as “papa” (compared to before therapy he can only say “pa….”).  He is also able to say “ball”, “Blue”, “Bye”.

He also improved in following instructions, Jordan is able to follow instructions despite the fact that his home environment is mandarin speaking.

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