Ian – focus

March 12, 2012.

Ian keeps on progressing. When he initially signed up, he got 3 hours per day for 3 days per week. Now his parents ask for 3 hours each day for 4 days per week. His parents and relatives can see he improves each day.

His eye contact and response to the environment has improved. His is more active and interacts spontaneously. No longer so passive as he was before. I no longer believe in labeling a child when they are at young age. I believe they can all be helped to improve and get better as the days go by. His parents involvement in the early intervention has definitely helped him a lot. Early intervention is a daily therapy and each hour matters. Most of my students have learned to enjoy books. He loves books, same as Ruth or Jeft. Daily I will see Ian take my picture dictionary for fruit and animals and he flips the pages and looks into it. At that moment I will come in to intervene and communicate to him. Words like “see”, “bee”, “elephant”, “apple” are being introduces to him. He is able to say it. A few times I see he took the book to see animals. He saw the insect section and sees an ant. Ian will says “ant”. This is an active engagement to what he sees and able to relate.

I have used a lot of natural things in my therapy with these children. The whole of the garden or even the tunnel  can be used in the therapy for Ian. It provides a lot of brain stimulation to Ian. That stimulation has developed his concentration and basic speech. So as he is able to follow instructions one step at a time.

Ian used to be a child who was unable to support Rebound Therapy, but now he is able to focus in rebound. He enjoys Rebound Therapy lessons. In Rebound Therapy, Ian develops meaningful eye contact, communication, response with his environment to each bounce.

I am focusing to improve  his speech,  attention span , social skills  and his sensory processing. Writing comes later. Building his foundation for later development.


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