Ivan- go for it

Feb , 2020

Time passed by too fast, Ivan begin interest in learning. His communication processing also improved. He no longer attend speech therapy and occupational therapy after attend my lesson.

Feedback from his mom, Ivan now begin to tell what he need to do at night in sequence instead of jumble up here and there. I told his mom don’t do teaching of academic at home, perhaps have board game at home to create more bonding and patient in Ivan. Board game has allow his dad who has cancer able to spend time with Ivan. Board game has also help Ivan in communication processing, the bonding time with his dad has help him to feel a sense of belonging.

Writing: I notice Ivan don’t have the proper stroke in writing despite he has attend two years kindergarten. He also yet to develop fine motor kills. January, i start lesson with him with light and easy, my focus is to cultivate his interest in learning. I believe when a child has the interest in learning, his self intrinsic will motivate him to learn. Off course along the way, I did therapy to improve his fine motor skills, i also do therapy to cut down his addiction to hook unto IPAD/ Tablet. :

Reading: Reading is a challenges, after attended two years kindergarten, Ivan yet to develop solid reading skill. Thankfully now he pick up his word recognising and reading ability . Building a strong foundation will last longer than use reward system for him to learn. Again is cultivate with input of therapy.

Eating : Ivan took an hour to eat a piece of bread. After therapy he is able to eat within the stipulate time I set for him. Something I am proud off. His chewing and swallow reflex getting better. This month he took approximately 25 to 30 minutes to finish it.

In regardless what diagnosis he is being label, my focus is to develop him become a functional boy to be able to blend into mainstream school.


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Success .?

I have been working with children with learning challenges since 2011. The society may name Autism, ADD, ADHD, GDD, all kind of learning disorder.

They are children able to communicate in two way communication however they failed to cope up with school education.Parents will send the child for tuition class, yet the child can’t perform , may be score a marks of everage 55 to 65. If the roots caused of learning issues is not treated, no matter how many tuition invested, the child remain the same. Many parents will think that when a child is able to communicate, this mean they don’t have issues in learning. Many children is able to perform in the first three years, however when in year 4, their grades drop.

I am blessed to work with Ruth, in 2019 she was in grade 4. She score an average of 3.25 out of 4. She attend a mainstream homeschool. There were no shadow aids teacher hire for her. I suggested her dad to hire a tutor to oversea her school homework since both parents rarely have time to coach her on week day.

Over the year I have children blends into mainstream education. There were two win attend mainstream Chinese primary school, This twin didn’t attend any Mandarin class. The decision to send them to Chinese was in last minutes. Thankful both coping well. Both parents are non Chinese speaking . They hire tutor to coach them Chinese subjects.

As for me I classify success is a special needs child that I work with has went to into mainstream school with no shadow aids. Again different thinking.

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Yee Yee- formal school

Each beginning of the year is challenging for all the parents in my country. If you are parent with special needs child, it will be more challenge. Where to send to the child who is due to attend school. What type of school . Homeschool? Public school? International school?

Guess what? Yee Yee was registered into the main public Malay school for year 1 by his father. Over the year we are focusing on one language :- English. Will she survived in a Bahasa background school.? I told her mom to give her at least 6 months for her to pick up the Bahasa language. This afternoon , I begin to coach her Bahasa, I begin to realise she has a special ability to learn new language . Feedback from her mom, so far she blends well in her school. Indirect she is in inclusive school. The current syllable in the school is just to high level.

There are time I ask my self , will this so call former special needs children cope up with their studies?…Well I am so confident Yee Yee will cope with this new environment.

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Ivan-blend in

Dec , 2019.

A mom brought a son of age 6, he is due to attend to school, however the boy just don’t have attention . He don’t sit still, he keep moving around.

From my observation :

Ivan is able to communicate in 4 languages, he has the ability to comprehend languages. Wow I am amaze of his ability to develop 4 language eg : Bahasa Melayu, English, Mandarin and Cantonese . Sadly he yet to have ability to read and write.

I have seen other similarities children, they went to public school, their parents face challenges as they are unable to read and write. They attend public inclusive school.

As for me I am focusing on therapy that will develop and cultivate him like to learn new things. Today is the seven days I work with Him. Ivan begin to sit to follow lesson. I am surprise he has a good memory power. He is able to recall what I taught him. A boy who keep moving around became a boy who is able to accept instruction and sit to follow lessons.

Guess what happen today, I begin to deliver writing skills to him. He did not object, hence I gave him formation of writing. I go back to the basic . Notice he don’t have the concept of writing . Let see how quick will he pick up the skills. …I away told parents, if the child can talk it did not mean they don’t have learning issues.

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Jan 3,2020

It has been three weeks I did not have lesson with Jonah . I travel out to upgrade myself and couple with Christmas break . Jonah also took a break after recover from fever.

This week I notice a calming moment of Jonah, after I input therapy to him, I have a table task for colour matching. He has make few mistake, his grandfather has correct him, to our surprise he did not make noise and throw tantrum on floor. Prior attend the therapy lesson, Jonah will make tantrum.

Well I have seen many child in the society who has speech, yet they do on the floor. It was amazingly that Jonah didn’t roll on the floor when being corrected.

In the therapy time I involve his grandparents. Really joyful to see he response well to his grandparents.

I even told Jonah to pass his play toy ice cream to his grandma, to our surprise he understand instruction.

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Yee Yee excell

Dec 30, 2019

Time just flies.

It is to my surprise that Yee Yee is able to follow the so call normalize children to dance and perform for Christmas celebration.

Four years ago, she is none performance child. She even can’t do the below.

  • None verbal/ Talk/ Communication
  • No self help skill.
  • No pincer grip
  • Don’t know alphabet
  • No reading skill
  • No writing skill
  • No cutting skill

Many of the skills that require a child to survive, Yee Yee yet to develop in those day. However to now, she has acquired skill that will help her to excel  in the mainstream school.

Yee Yee only come to attend my class for therapy. Does she attend any speech and OT class ? No.

I share about home lesson to her mother, I share if the child is not ready, if you send her for speech, she will not learn as she was not ready.

Yee Yee has a wonderful working mother. This mom  is e very hard working. She has home lesson for Yee Yee. We cultivate the interest in learning for Yee Yee.  Learning and therapy must be fun.

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Hayden – awareness

Age 6:- attend therapy for the past 3 years with other centre.

When I first meet him:-he has a strong anger, he is yet to verbal, he has minima understanding of instruction.

He will throw tantrum at the below situations:-

  • when he can’t get what he wants.
  • when being ask to tidy up the toys after played.
  • when he was asked to shower.

The therapy has calm him down, he no longer throw tantrum

  • when he can’t get what he wants.
  • when being ask to tidy up the toys after played.
  • when he was asked to shower.

 According to his mom, Hayden now understand instruction more, he is able to copy speech, he is more initiative to make request if he needed certain things.

When grandma ask him “who am I” Hayden is able to answer “grandma”

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Jonah- awareness- know

As the time passed by, Jonah kept progress from none responsive to responsive. Feedback from his grandparent.

  • Jonah is aware of the environment, each time after day care, when he came to the office he will walk to the grandfather. At least he know there is a grandfather exist compare to the time before therapy.
  • He also begin to have verbal with single word. When he needs help he will make request.
  • In one occasion after lesson, his grandfather place a bottle on the bench,  grandfather ask Jonah to carry the bottle. After Jonah put up his shoe, he took the bottle and followed his grandfather to the car.

There is one time I told Jonah to sit proper, then he reply “ta ta” (in  Chinese mean beat beat). Grand ma and I was surprise, we will assume may be that is the way the day care center communicate to him, “if you don’t sit, we will ta ta”.

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Jonah-awareness-melt down

Jonah-awareness –melt down

Time just passed by too fast. Has Jonah make progress from my therapy?

After an hour lesson with me, Jonah’s mom begin to see a change in him. Jonah became more awareness with an understanding of language. His parents can see a change in his tantrum. His melt down is quick to stop if compare before attend my therapy. I thought wow it is awesome. Many children who is so call mild autism, autism, tend to have melt down when situation is overwhelm. In general I don’t want to label a child when a child still below age 7. I will work to the area of the development that is needed for the child to attain his millstone. Most of the time I will work on the development that related to the brain development and speech .

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Jonah-first met up


June. A family of four came to see me for evaluation for a boy age 3plus. Grandparents and boy’s parents came along. I show a deep respect to the grandparents who did not take thing for granted. They begin realized the grandson has development issue. They seek help. Many people is the society live in denied. They think when child is able to talk, they may not have issue in development.

I notice the boy name Jonah did not aware of the people surrounding him. Jonah even did not aware who are his parents.

Jonah has delay,

  • cognitive development
  • speech and communication processing
  • social emotional
  • attention
  • self help skill

After the evaluation the grandparent and parents purposely leave him with me. Jonah has no response when they leave him with me. Jonah just accept it to be with me. Is this response is positive or negative? It depends on how we as adult look at it.

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