June 1,2019

Time just pass by so fast. To my surprise KLipis is able to read and recognize word. He is not just recorgnised words but he can process communication well. He understand and follow instruction like so call normal children. Is this done for a child ?

Being able to cope with simple learning did not mean is done. I am working on the other motor skills. eg eating. is he able to chew food properly ? to my surprised he is lacking is this. Klipis was look after by a home care provider, the home care provider will blend most of the food she gave to him. Hence he was not expose much to solid food. By the time age of 4 his parents discover, they bring him home to look after. They being to give him simple solid food. There he begin to learn to chew. This also affect his speech ;- pronunciation. There were certain alphabet sound he unable to pronunciation. Hence many time he try to get it away. After i worked on oral facial therapy, his pronunciation has been improved.

Last Saturday i don’t have class with him: feedback from his father, his father said Klipis ask why don’t have  class with me?. This week on Friday night his dad told him that the next they will have to come to Kuala Lumpur to have class with me.  His father was surprise by 8pm plus KLipis  has went to bed. Next day Saturday by 4am plus KLipis has woke up.

This week we focus on postural and fine motor skill, so as attention span. I notice Klipis begin to have tracking, since he is able to name the alphabet, I begin with the root word for his to match and recorgnise. He did well despite those words is the first time i introduce to him. After introduce i invited him to read and write with me. i also invited him to listen what i said and to pen it down .


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KLipis – class 3

I have been busy at work and studies . Klipis is a miracle case . He responds  to my therapy. His dad was the most happy dad.

Prior therapy


  1. He has not able to recognize alphabet. He has poor memory system. He has yet to have reading and writing ability.
  2. He has not develop pincer grip, he do not have the concept of stroke to write .
  3. He has communication processing disorder where he yet to able to processes questions with understanding .

Concentration :

  1. He is unable to sit still during school assembly time . He will walk around during assembly time.
  2. He has poor eye contact.
  3. He has poor postural balancing disorder.

Post therapy


  1. He has improve in overall development , within a month of attend class in mainstream pre school, he has develop the ability to recognize alphabet. His memory begin to function.
  2. His pincer grip has improved, he begin to understand concept and able to trace alphabet.
  3. Klipis’s communication processing has improved, he is able to process question and has two way communications.


  1. He is able to sit thru the assembly time for almost 30 minutes. He no longer walk around. His preschool teacher and school headmaster begin to see a change in him.
  2. He begin to have meaningful eye contact.
  3. His postural has also improved.



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KLipis class 2

I begin my 2019 with a  praise report from KLipis’s dad about him. His dad was so thankful to find me to have therapy lesson for his son. Despite is an adopted son, this couple really work their best to develop their son. I was touch by their unconditional love to their son.

Feedback: Dad said son now listen to him more. eg his dad will ask him to do the school homework , Klipis will do it . Compared to before attend my therapy lesson, boy now react / response and follow instruction more . Klipis also smart, if the worksheet is prepare by his dad, he will not want to do it. If given by the preschool. he will happily do it.

Klipis yet to able to read word, write and count in association. How ever the therapy has develop his likeness in learning . Looking at his postural , Klipis has hunch back .


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KLer surprise 2

Jan  2019

Time just passed by so fast. Kler once did stop to attend my therapy lesson due to his father’s friend wife did begin to work with special needs children. My advise to his mom is to obey the husband, husband is a leader of the family. No harmful to try what is offer by others. I am very sure Kler’s mom will send him back to me.  Truely after a month plus his mom ask to meet up and discuss about KLer. To my surprise Kler’s mom become so depress.

I treat my clients as a friends. We share much about child development and how to IEP programme for the child. How to help the child to achieve maxima potential in his development.

Year 2018, Kler is age 6, time for him to have a formal educatiom/school. I told his mom, if a school ask you to hire a shadow aids teacher for Kler, it shows Kler is not ready for formal education. My advise to her is to send Kler to normal homeschool . They found one for Kler. The school has approx 80 students and has accepted Kler with no shadow aids teacher needed.

Kler has development from a boy who only said “go to po po house into a boy who is able to generalise the conversation”.  Yesterday i ask Kler what happen to grandfather?

  • Kler : grandfather is in hospital.
  • me : why grandfather is admitted to hospital?
  • Kler : grandfather has pain in mouth , tongue.
  • me : is he sick?
  • Kler : yes he is .

Then Kler switch his brain into  laptop:

  • Kler : teacher  i did not lay mobile phone. i only play laptop.
  • me : Kler, we can not play laptop
  • KLer: i use for study.
  • me. great, only study you can use laptop.

Kler has develop from a boy who only said “go to po po house” into a boy who is able to  generalise the conversation. There is not shor cut , it is a hardwork between the parents to achieved’s result.

Awaiting for another news from  Kler’s  mom.

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SThing part2

Nov 2018,

What next for Sthing.? i can only said time pass by too fast. Nov 2018 another evaluation for SThing. I was so sure she will get a positive feed back from the developmental dr. Truely she made it.

As the time passed by SThing develop pincer grip, the neurosensorimotor integration  therapy works well in SThing. Her finger begin to have  strength to hold and grip pencel .  She begin to trace shape to establish the foundation  concept of writing skills.

Over the years of working with children i have notice most of the children was not taught of the correct way to trace and draw shape. This subsequent affect their formation of writing skills.

Apart from this SThing’s memory to recall words has recover, she also begin to recognize alphabet and words. Her understand to comprehend language also comes in. This in direct has help her in her school academic. SThing has also cope up in her chinese reading .

I always told her mom, finding and getting the right therapist with the right therapy method will improve a child .

In November SThing went thru another assessment. This round she score . The development dr feedback to see her after one year. Awesome withing a year of therapy SThing has improve so much. Apart from cognitive improvement, her postural has also improved with recover of hunch back thru my therapy .


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SThing 1

June  2018

Time passed by too fast. S Thing is being accepted into the mainstream in Standard 1 in 2018. S Thing is verbal, parents did not apply OKU card for her. However she has a lot of lacking / ability to cope with the challenges in year one lesson.


  1. Unable to have proper pincer gripping.
  2. Unable to read, write and count.
  3. Unable to follow movement.
  4. Lacking to understand communication processing .
  5. Postural disorder with hunch back
  6. In balance of strength for both leg.
  7. In ability to cross the mindline

Sthing come for therapy, first notice her mom observe is her communication processing has improved. She comes average 6 hours therapy permonth. After 6 months therapy. She  was schedule to have follow up with the developmental dr for evaluation. Does she scores in the evaluation? She does not score during evaluation. However, she has surprise the dr, after evaluation SThing explained to her mom of what the dr has asked her to do . I wont be surprise if she don’t score in the evaluation. Well, SThing only meet the dr six months once. Does both dr and SThing develop a trust in relationship? Will a child response to a strange?

As for me i have develop a trust relationship with SThing. She enjoyed to have dinner dates with me. Even in the dinner date i will correct her if needs arise.



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K Ler – surprise 1

Oct 2018

Time passed too fast, I  am not a person who is good to pen down what I have work with the  children. All I know is the child have to improve each day thru my programme both in therapy and cognitive development. Thankfully i know both therapy and academic development, i will prepare a child to attend advance learning eg. into a mainstream homeschool, international school or a public school.

The first time i met Ler Ler, he is only able to say go to poh poh house. Pre therapy K Ler has tip toes, he did not recognize word, he yet to able to write, he has limited communication processing, he yet to have the ability to sit still. He will throw tantrum if he failed to get what he desire for. He also addict to mobile phone. There were so many lacking in him.

Post therapy . K Ler has improve his speech tremendously, he is able to comprehend speech with understanding. He develop pincer grip skill, he is able to write and read. He develop the ability to sit to follow lesson. His ability to recorgnised word has expand.  His understanding ability has improve.

I could recall there is an evening during therapy lesson, Kler ask for KFC, he was addicted to KFC.  According to his mom, he will throw anger if she did not took him for KFC. i came out with an ideas if K ler see sun i will took him for KFC. Mostly of the lesson time he dont see any sun. On one of the evening, he ask for KFC, my reply is did you see any sun? His reply is no, my response is so we are not going for KFC, do you remember what i say? if we see sun then we go for KFC. He listen and digest the conversation, then gave me a smile.


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KLipis-class 1

Dec  2018

All this case are a true story about my work with the respective child. i did not post pre and post therapy for the reason to protect the privacy and respect each child i work .  I cant denny that we human are more towards visual to determine an outcome.

Klipis is from Pahang.  He is age 5.  He is an adopted son . He went to thru two major operation to correct his feet and vision (eyes) prior age 5. He is vocal how ever he yet to able to recorgnise words and minima alphabet . He yet to able to sit still to follow instruction and lesson. Klipis is approximately 3 hours plus drive. Since due to the transportation  i have set a side a time on Saturday to have therapy classs with him.

Dec I manage to have two hour therapy with him. Guess what happened to him? Well to my surprise relative around him can see a changes in him. Klipis no longer move around, he is able to sit and listen. His postural also better instead of hunch when walking . His listening skill also sharpen with ability to comprehend the task given to him .

Many times when a child is able to talk in verbal we as adult think they don’t have issue in learning. We let them run thru the preschool for three years for some. When they are in grade one/ standard 1 , we  begin to realise the child has learning challenges . Over the years working. I am thankful for the child i work some are studying in mainstream school. some homeschool for normal children.




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Dec Year 2018.

December 2018,

Over the past months i have been very much focus on my work with children instead of update my journey with the children that i work with .

Dec, I  have travel to study neurosemsorimotor reflex intergration for children with learning challenges. It is a very hand on therapeutic lesson i attend . i should said this is my 8 modules of studies.

This module covers children with challenges of the belows;-

Children Displaying Aggressive Behaviour

Children Displaying Anxiety . Fear and Phobias

Chronic Delayed learners and Dysletic Children

Children Displaying “Laziness” and Low Motivation

Challenges with hyperactivity

Children Displaying Autism

Children Cerebral Palsy

Children Displaying Inhibited Mental Development .

The more i learn and hands on my work the more i see our human brain is a amazing , there are capable to do great thing by providing the right therapy. Our brain is modable, changeable or flexible in structure . Brain plasticity is the life long ability of the brain to reorgainse neural pathways base on new experiences.

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September 2018.

This month has been a challenging month. I have to see new cases. This new cases are interesting to me.

Case 1. boy age 3.

On the surface he looks smart, he seems know classification like animal, shapes, numbers, alphabet. As I interact with him, I begin to see he is memorising from the YouTube channel he watch. When I said the words “give me”, he has a tough time to copy my speech, I said with demonstration for him to understand. He also like to arrange thing is sequencing like number in sequence, shape from small to big, alphabet is sequence from A to Z, if he can’t get what he wants he will scream. Sound like autistic .

This boy also has the tendency to take all the educational materials without complete a task and place it back to the original place. Sound like adhd?

Case 2: child age 8 standard 2.

This boy yet to be able to  read. He is verbal , not parrot, able to reasoning communication, able to write . So what is his learning challenge ? Observing the way he sit , I told his parent that he is a boy who hardly can sit still, well if you can sit to listen , how can a child learn in school.? In general I don’t like to label a child. All i know what he is lacking I have to improve it , so that his cognitive, emotional,physical are match with his age.

Case 3: boy age 5.

This child attended preschool. He was diagnose as GDD from  doctors from child developmental specialist. First meet up boy did communicate with me, not parrot, pretty well verse in communication , understand what I tell him, cooperated with me. However when come to skill for readiness to formal school, he seem not ready. Despite of attend preschool , he yet to develop pincer grip , he yet to recognise alphabet,he yet to read, write and count  but next year he is age 6. Can a child with so much lacking be transform within a year? I do aware of the current primary school syllabus. So how ?

I begin to understand why my clients who is a school teacher ask me: why there were many year 1 primary school student unable to read?  Some time when a child who is able to talk did mean this child has not learning challenges, many time as an adult we have overlook it. There are children just memorising without recognise the word, they are children able to read but can’t comprehend, they are children able to read but yet to have verbal communication.

Well I look forward to October month. Let us see what will take place .



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