Wilson – adventure 1

December 2020.

My lesson begin with Wilson, off and on his parents will update me of his respond and progress at home. Parents begin to see Wilson’s eye contact . When they call him, Wilson is able to respond by look at them with meaningful look. This is what i call eye contact.

I begin with the basic task with triangle and square shape with color matching into the respective shape and color . Initial Wilson will insist want to do his way, I keep on mentioned to him , look , look . I point to the object that he needs to look. To my surprise he begin to understand the concept of matching .

As I work with him, I notice his tongue is not rolling / moving . There i begin to work on oral facial therapy. His tongue begin to move and roll. There were so much in him yet to be develop. Many reflex system is not integrated.

I also work on toilet train him. Both his parents and I have to work together in toilet train him. …. it is a journey in developing a learning challenges children…

to be continued. …

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Wilson – eye contact

November 2020

My first meet up with Wilson with the present of his parents and his aunt .

Age : 5 years plus.

Former learning : two years in learning centre. (full day programme)

observation :

child don’t have eye contact, child unable to copy action / movement , child yet to verbal, child yet to match object to object/ picture to picture , child yet to understand instruction, child is in his own world, child yet to have self help skills, he will throw tantrum when some one want to engage with him.

There were so many development delay till one may label him as autistic. After 10 years of working and hand on with children of various learning issues since 2010, I ask my self, is it important to label a child? Again it is depend on individual and the country they lived in.

Wilson even don’t know who his father is?, The very basic instruction I gave him is go to hug papa, he look blank. He did not engage with people. He is very much on his own, even if his young sibling want to share toys with him, he has a tendency to push others.

Will he be better each day? He has so much delays. Once i work with a boy has so much delay too, now this boy is in grade 5l. Once i work with another with much delay too, he even roll on the floor in public places when mother refuse to buy what he asked, now this boy is in grade 2. There is no short cut to develop these group of children. How ever i believe some day this children can be better . well let us see…. to be continued.

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KLer surprise 2

Oct 2020

In Malaysia , we have MCO in March, resulted KLer can’t attend the lesson till in June he begin the lesson. It was a joy to see KLer keep progress to better in each day.

There was one Saturday, KLer’s mother bought 3 pax of chicken rice for us. They were not aware of the present of another boy name Xiong. I had gave away my lunch for Xiong.

Prior given to Xiong. Here is my conversation with KLer.

Me : KLer, thank you to bless me chicken rice.

KLer: Do you like chicken rice.?

Me : Yes I do , how ever i have Xiong dont have lunch, may i spare my chicken rice to him?

KLer: Yes

Me: thank you .

KLer was transformed from a boy who only able to talk four words “go to po po house ” for years ago when he was age 4 plus. However at age of 8 plus, he has able to have a meaningful conversation with me. His communication skill no longer like a parrot, he talk with meaningful.

On the following week….KLer’s mother took him to buy chicken rice again. KLer requested his mom to buy a pax of chicken rice for Xiong. As for me, what a generous kind boy KLer is. 4 years ago if his parents were send him for diagnosis, guess most of the developmental doctor will label him as Autistic Children or attention deficit boy. Is labeling so important when a child is below 7 years? As for me , i will focus to work on the area which KLer’s is lacking behind … He is in the home school for normal children with no shadow aids teacher.

Is this a success case ? I thank KLer’s mom to journey with me for KLer’s development.

to be continued. …

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KLer surprise 1

Time just flies very fast .
KLer is in grade 2 in this second half year of 2020
Just before MCO in March ,KLer’s mom was concern on his ability to cope with mathematics. KLer unable to comprehend what the school teacher taught him. Thankful after I deliver my Maths lesson to him with his mom sit in to observe. KLer begin to get the concept of Maths. During MCO his mom has also work with him consistently, I told his mom , just focus on concept, once the child understand concept , it will be easy to move to two digit with more than ten .
Finally in MCO, KLer develop further in Maths . He is now able to solve Maths upto 3 digits, he further score in his grade two maths .

To be continue …

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KLipis – Class 5

Sept , 2020.

Time passed by too fast. KLipis has blend into the mainstream school. July he begin his therapy lesson after MCO / RMCO.

Feedback from his foster dad : KLipis begin to be very playful, the online lesson did not help him much. I have to retouch up him with my therapy for him to be activated to like and enjoy learning . Each child i use different approach, lesson is design to his needs. I could recall when i first touch KLipis’s hand, it tells me his hand writing has regress, not as neat and proper compare to before MCO in March. I begin to tell his dad about KLipis’s hand writting has regress. It was confirmed that he simply write, not as neat as before, his interest in learning has also regress.

It was amazing to see his positive attitude regain after therapy. I always put my self as model for him . To my surprise the therapy has also improve his memory to recall what he has learn . I am not just doing the therapy, I have to ensure he will survive in inclusive class.

to be continued …

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CYang- Adventure 1

June 2020, I have the chance to work with CYang, CYang is age 5 this year.

Prior therapy:

Eye contact : I don’t see it in CYang, even i call him, he just do what he wants, he dont response to people

Independant : still mom’s prompting to go to toilet, will cry when he want something.

Verbal : Did not hear solid verbal except harming OMc Donald song.

Obsessed : He obsessed to Youtube song, obsessed to a particular book with animals, refuse to look at others material .

Reading, Writing, Counting, speech : yet to be developed

Post Therapy:

Eye contact and verbal : I notice CYang begin to response by look at you when you call him. He has also begin to look for playmate. I have a mini trampoline, for the first month, he don’t engage with me. Upon second month of therapy CYang begin to engage with me more, he wants me to hold his hand when first time he bounce on mini trampoline.

I also try to engage him with large garden trampoline. He completely refuse to be on the trampoline. Hence i just him be, I work on my other therapy lesson with him, i know for sure some day he will enjoy himself on the large trampoline. This day materialise , now CYang is able to control his postural reflex well on large trampoline even with i am bouncing with him. One evening as he was bouncing, I took a purple flower to show him. He stop to walk over to me to say purple flower and took the flower with him. Then i introduce yellow flower, he said yellow flower.

Independant : CYang begin to engage his mom when he wants to go to the toilet. His mom no need to prompt him. He also begin to walk by himself to the car after therapy lesson instead of his mom has to always hold his hand. On one occasion when his mom wants to leave the centre, CYang begin want to follow her, little will we understand he want to be on the large garden trampoline. Trampoline has indirect build up his confident.

When CYang wants something, he will take me and point to the things he want with an expectation I will give him. Again I will name the object that he wants with expectation he will copy what I say.

Obsessed : Does CYang still obsessed with a particular book with animal and You tube after two months therapy? Surprise CYang open up to other books. He even explore alphabets, I will introduce in randomly, after introduce in randomly I will ask him to point / to give me the alphabet that I mentioned to him . It is like the three periods in Montessori.

CYang come for the therapy twice perweek, each lesson is an hour .

to be continued..

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Year of 2020 passed by too fast. I have not been update my blog, however I have been enjoying to see the children that I work, they keep progress to achieve new development. I felt thankful for the way God has used me. I am grateful for God to heal them, each improvement is a miracle healing.
I won’t write about virus, I only can said be careful and take good care of family. If each unit of family will take good care of them selves, then indirect we are helping to resolve virus issue . Dream..

My grandmother story , a story that I alway retell to parents “ don’t think if your child is accepted into mainstream classes is not mean your child don’t have learning issues . There are many hidden learning issue in child development, how many of us will accept it?

I have school teachers come to say that their students attended 3 years in preschool, yet cant read and write, how ever these students are verbal. When a child is verbal, parents tend to think they are normalise child, how ever they may have hidden learning disorder. I have a student attended inclusive class for the past three years, how ever she fail to cope with the lesson in the school. Now the mother put her into my group learning.

Over the years I had came across various learning issues, one may be label as Autisitc, ADHD, ADD, GDD, Microcephaly, Genetic disorder and etc. All I know is this children needs help, they need to be better as the days goes by. Hence my lesson is design in according to the child’s need in development. Joyfuly to say all my clients has shown an improvement, some time it is out of my expectation.

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Hong Hong – Dare

Hong Hong. 

Is lock down good for children with learning challenges ? Many of us has overlook the need of this group of children, however I am thankful Hong Hong did not regress. 

There were new development in him. 

Obsessed : Hong become more mature in emotion, he no longer rigid like before . Eg . When come to tidy up he has his way to do, I have my own way too. As for Hong Hong, when ever I don’t used the stationary box. He would prefer to put it back to the stationery shelf. I will prefer to put on the desk for later use. 

One morning I explain to him that no need to keep my stationery box after my lesson, I need to used for the next child. Surprisingly, he understand. He did not keep my stationery box after my lesson.

Recognise: It a joy to see a child who has limited verbal how ever is able to recognise word and understand instruction to carry out task. Feed back from his parents , now Hong Hong is more calm, he understand instruction more. His parent also cut down his screen time. If a child addicted to screen time, it may turn out the child is being control by the addiction instead of have free will to decide. 

Speech : Hong Hong is more initiative to speak out if he needed,  There were time I gave him new learning card with picture and word,many incident he is able to give the beginning sound of the picture. Something he yet to able to do in March.

Eye tracking, I have been very interested into the eye of the individual I talk face to face. I notice some adult don’t look at the eye of the person they communicate with. How about children ? 

How about to the children we communicate with . How often we checked their ability to visual track horizontally? Many children are walking around with poor visual tracking that is affecting their balance , reading skill, and learning .

Horizontal tracking is one of the first visual motor skills that appear during infancy. 

Our eyes help us perceive danger, if we are not able to video our surrounding well we may be in the more heightened state of stress, specially in the unfamiliar environment. We will experience more over reaction to sensory stimuli because our body is protecting us from unknown danger. I notice most of the children I had work with that had sensory issues, developmental delays, hyperactive , autism , ADHD, all this have horizontal tracking trouble .. which mean all stems from primitive reflexes being unintegrated. 

To be continued

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Hong Hong-challenges

Feb 2020

This is the most challenging case I have to work. How will you feel when you were told that your child may not able to develop speech.? I have work and think out of the box, I reject those statement. How can a child is not deaf and can’t talk ? If the child can hear mission impossible the child unable to develop speech.

In reality, they were many children yet to develop speech despite they were not deaf in this century. They were child who has speech but fail to comprehend the language. (Lack of language processing.)

Speech: So thankful, Hong begin to develop speech despite he is still behind his milestone in development. Hong has the ability to carry out instruction, he is able to trace the word in proper stroke. Lately he also pick up to recognise words.

Emotion: Hong did develop emotion, there were time when I approach him repeat what I said few times, he weep in tears. Since I knew this emotional of him, I seldom will ask him to repeat few time. When a child is in stress, the cortisol level of the child will rise up, this will indirect affect his learning capacity.

Organise : Hong is an organise child, he will make sure all thing centre is in orderly keep despite few time I purposely mess around the stuff. Yet Hong Hong still calm to keep it up. Did he obsessed in keeping the thing? In certain way yes. ….. will this obsessed get away as the time passed by ? I shall see …

to be continued ..

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Ivan- go for it

Feb , 2020

Time passed by too fast, Ivan begin interest in learning. His communication processing also improved. He no longer attend speech therapy and occupational therapy after attend my lesson.

Feedback from his mom, Ivan now begin to tell what he need to do at night in sequence instead of jumble up here and there. I told his mom don’t do teaching of academic at home, perhaps have board game at home to create more bonding and patient in Ivan. Board game has allow his dad who has cancer able to spend time with Ivan. Board game has also help Ivan in communication processing, the bonding time with his dad has help him to feel a sense of belonging.

Writing: I notice Ivan don’t have the proper stroke in writing despite he has attend two years kindergarten. He also yet to develop fine motor kills. January, i start lesson with him with light and easy, my focus is to cultivate his interest in learning. I believe when a child has the interest in learning, his self intrinsic will motivate him to learn. Off course along the way, I did therapy to improve his fine motor skills, i also do therapy to cut down his addiction to hook unto IPAD/ Tablet. :

Reading: Reading is a challenges, after attended two years kindergarten, Ivan yet to develop solid reading skill. Thankfully now he pick up his word recognising and reading ability . Building a strong foundation will last longer than use reward system for him to learn. Again is cultivate with input of therapy.

Eating : Ivan took an hour to eat a piece of bread. After therapy he is able to eat within the stipulate time I set for him. Something I am proud off. His chewing and swallow reflex getting better. This month he took approximately 25 to 30 minutes to finish it.

In regardless what diagnosis he is being label, my focus is to develop him become a functional boy to be able to blend into mainstream school.


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