MIKI- progress

Time flies and here I am trying to catch up to share my great experiences through my blog.

MiKi (6 years old) come to attend my therapy program in final quarter of the year.

Pre therapy:

MiKi has not been able to write in proper manner and no one is able to read what he wrote.

He is unable to draw simple picture, shows lacking in imagination.

Miki has limited reading ability with limited words power.

He has poor temper, his temper is like tsunami, no one knows when he will burst out.

He is afraid of thunder.

After therapy .

MiKi is able to write in proper manner, I am able to read what he wrote. He begins to show interest in drawing pictures. Upon drawing the picture, MiKi will share/tells the story of the picture he draws.  His has build up the imagination. By composing his own story, this has greatly shows the improvement of his creativity.

Along the therapy I do develop his vocabulary power. I always believe once his brain is make whole, other areas of development will come along . Through developing vocabulary power, his reading ability also has improve tremendously.

I could recall on one particular evening when MiKi’s dad sent him for therapy. MiKi  throws a huge tantrum. This is the first time I came across his tantrum. How to calm him down? I just kept silent and observe him, until he cools down . I have the confident MiKi will talk to me instead I go to approach him. Truthfully, MiKi asks me why I don’t talk to him when he has the tantrum. I look directly into his eyes and tell him I am afraid of him, his tantrum is like a lion, I am afraid to approach him. My answer has cheer him. We look at each other, then he burst out in laughter. I can feel the calm vibe in him. Then we carry on our lesson.

I have design a therapy that fits into his development needs, to prepare him to be accepted into international school environment, with his own independency without to hire a shadow aids teacher for him in school. The assessment went successfully, MiKi has been accepted to school. Now he is in Grade 2.

There is no short cut to develop a child, every experience I have with each unique children I work has sharpen my diagnosis skills and abilities to know how to design an effective program to fit into the need of each children.




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JXian – amazing development

Time really passed by too fast. Jxian is now in grade 3 . He attends a home school for normal children. This home school takes in normal children instead of children with learning challenges. Jxian left the centre (AMCDC) in 2014 year end to join the home school, a place for leaning advancement, so as to blend in with the normal mainstream school children. Year 2015 he began to attend home school for normal children which  prepare them for IGCSE exam.

I could recall when the first time I met Jxian in 2012, he was age 7. He was  lack of many  skills which are required for a child to survive in normal mainstream  school.  He even can’t read, count, write or processing communication. It was such a great challenge to work with a boy age 7.

I design a therapy programme that suits to his development needs. I also design programmes that cultivate him in learning. All I know is when he left the centre, he must be independent, no need someone to accompany him to school. Truly this dream come thru when he is able to cope with formal learning sets up environment. I insist his parents to send him to normal school. Most important, he is inclusive in a normal school for learning.

The three years Jxian with AMCDC, he did not attend any other therapies. He only attends  the programme I design for him. To me it is amazing to see how an age 7 years boy’s brain can be rewired, reconnected to achieve to the maxima potential. Recently, I received a great news, saying that in 2018, the current school Jxian attends will promote him to jump from 3rd grade to 5th grade instead of 4th grade where he suppose to be.  Will he cope with his new terms, we shall see in 2018.

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2017, i am alive.

It has been months I did not update my webpage. 2017 has been a fruitful year in my work. Seeing children benefit from  my work has bring contentment.

Children improve from : non verbal to have verbal, from don’t have the ability to have the ability to understand instructions,  from don’t follow instruction to follow instructions, from don’t know how to write to know how to write, from can’t recall words to able to recall words.

There are people asking me what therapy method I use in my work? I am just blessed to have the opportunity to learn therapy methods from the founder(s) of the method(s), so as the knowledge on how to apply what I have learned in a more effective way. There is no short cut but finding the right therapy method to fit into each unique child’s life is the key to unlock the child. I look beyond speech therapy , occupational therapy, behaviour therapy, sensory therapy, music therapy, sand play therapy to develop a child. Each child has their own individual/specific therapy needs. I have design the therapy session in according to the needs of each unique child.

Beyond imagination.

2015, I worked with a little girl age 3 plus, she was non responding when I first called her name. She is non verbal, she yet to have cognitive skill.  After therapy, she has improved from no skill to have skill to survive. Now she is able to communicate, to have social skills, to listen and to carry out instructions, to write , to count, to read. She only comes for an hour lesson per week. She is not accepted to preschool, her mom and I are working closely to develop her.

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Ruth- Grade 2

Nov 2016
Time passes by very fast. Ruth has continue her education in a more structure and formal . In 2015, I have manage to source for a home school for her. The school only took in normal children.  Ruth has to learn to live with the society so call normal  children. At the moment she has progress well. in 2015 Ruth become the top score in Bahasa Malaysia.  She also has the ability to express what is happening in the class room. Thank God the home school teacher is able to cope up with Ruth . I should said the home school teacher is helpful, for the first three month of working with Ruth, when they need advise on how to handle, they will contact me. We work hand in hand for Ruth’s adaptation in a new environment. Currently Ruth attend once a week lesson with me to upkeep and maintain her. I notice Ruth has a super memory, she is able to recall the material she read and comprehend it . When i look back the first year she came to my centre, she don’t have any skill. After years of hard work, all pays off.. She now able  communicate , read, write, count, sing. dance. My work bring meaning to life. At least a child has gain better quality of life. It is my hope to see Ruth keep progress on.

For your information Ruth has also being discharge from her development doctor. Ruth no longer need see  her  developmental doctor.


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Smith – parrot

June – nov 2014

Smith Age 8, attend Therapy with Eco lala speech . He was unable to make meaningful communication. He will copy exactly what his mother said. He even failed to address his own father unless his mother ask him to address his father. It has been a great challenge for me to work with him.

He also yet to develop reading ability. What has been taught by his mother. He seems can’t recall how to read the words. What a great challenged to me to work with Smith. Will you think Smith can be improved?

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Oct 2014

The greatest joy in my work is to see each child improve thru the work of my hand together with my two assistant. Our work really bring meaning to life. It is a great joy to see Rais has more verbal speech, he make request in verbal compare to the beginning year he join my intervention therapy programme.

Rais has also improve in attention span, he has also develop basic reading and counting concept. in counting concept, Rais has to learn number isolate with quantity and number match with number word card. He also has to learn to read the number word card and provide me the correct quantity when I ask for the number. Eg number 7, Rais to give me the correct quantity.

This cognitive development also shows me the therapy I design has also improve his cognitive ability with attention span and speech development. In regards to pincer grip. We work in his finger reflex and response and concept of tracing line.

Feedback from his parents. They see Rais more calms, no longer use dryper in both day and night time. Rais is more initial to talk when he needs something . He has also mature in emotion, he is able to wait to take turns.

Rais is also able to initial for group play. Eg dance and sing with older boys and girls. There is no short cut to improve a child. I am thankful to God to bring improvement to the child I work with.





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Peter posture pincer grip

August 2014

Time pass by so fast. It was great to travel to attend course to upgrade my knowledge and skills, at the same time has time to update my journey news with child I work with.

Peter has making progress in his postural development. He has also shows maturity in his thought and communication. He no longer ask me to spell words, he has generalize his conversation with me. Eg he will share what happen in school bit by bit. Feedback from his mom, Peter begin to show emotional feeling compare with before he attend therapy lesson from me. When he has upsad his mom, he knows how to cheer his mom up. Prior to that Peter was not aware he has upsad his mom.

Peter join me to improve his pincer grip and attention span. Has he improve? yes he has . I alway believed in parent involvement in therapy. Some of the therapy parent can  do at home , her mom has take the initiative to work with him at home. By consolidate my skill, I had seen Peter improve from a boy who can’t grip pencil to a boy now has the grip to hold pencil. From a boy fail to trace a line to a boy who now able to trace vertical and horizontal line. Peter has also develop simple Maths concept and interest to acquire skills.

It is hope my new skills will continue to improve Peter.

Written in Nov 2014

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May, 2014

Ruth is an amazing girl. She was diagnose as ADHD with Autism. How accurate is her diagnosed ? This diagnose was done  four years ago. I alway told myself our brain is plasticity, brain cell keeps growing as we growth. This will take place in Ruth as well too.

Ruth was not under any medication, her improvement was done thru therapy. Overall she has improve amazingly.

She has improve from a child with no speech, read, write, count,socialise, self help skill, sing, dance to a child with all those mentioned skills.

I could remember three years I challenge his father to journey together to develop Ruth. His dad make the effort. This years is the third year Ruth’s father journey with us to develop Ruth. This year Ruth’s dad has reap his harvest. He is able to travel with Ruth for vacation, even without mother join them. Ruth’s dad has develop a relationship that he understand Ruth. The ability of Ruth to socialise with friend is a remarkable improvement, she also develop the ability to initial plays with her pears and friends which I think many so call in Autistic spectrum has lacking in it. I felt the therapy lesson / module I develop to develop her has bring good result.

Apart from academic / cognitive , Ruth has develop music movement eg. Ability to used her finger to coordinate music note movement which last year she is totally out of the ability to do. This year she has do good. Music teacher also felt satisfy to teach.




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I am still alive 2014

Dear friends,

My apologize for the long silent in updating my developmental blog. I am not a blogger but I wrote what is true happened in my work with learning challenges children.

There is a hope in children with learning challenges. I had work and seen many exciting development happen in the children I work with. Some parent will ask me what therapy method I used. I am open up for new discovery method to help the children. Hence each children’s intervention therapy lesson is private design for them according to their needs in development .

I am continuely upgrade myself with new skill to develop the children I work with . Each skill I learn I know it build the foundation block in children development . Without a foundation how can a child move into another level of development? It is like building a house we need a strong foundation. Otherwise our house may collapse when bad weather comes .



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Timmy-eye contact, speech

Dec 2013.

Age 4

Is diagnosis matter to you? How accurate is the diagnosis ? Timmy comes with a label as Autistic spectrum with lack of eye contact, verbal communication, motor skills, challenging behaviour.  There is no books can give me a clues about how to work with Timmy. His label seem not make sense to me. How can Timmy  count from one to ten and  he yet to develop  communication both in verbal and none verbal?

Timmy seems not afraid of danger, he has a poor tactile integration that may has blocked his brain to send signal about danger. He also wont let go his bag when come to centre, his will power to carry the bag every where he sit or move in the centre. There are time i have to remove the bag from him, that  upsad and he cries. I will tell him is ok you can cry. There i slowly to begin therapy with him, as the time pass by i can see Timmy begin to have meaningful eye contact me.

Timmy was such an super active boy with little attention span. He can climbs up the gate, shelf, even the  tree in my garden. i allow him to climb with proper coaching, thru climbing Timmy learn coordination of his body eg eye and hand  coordination. A person able to climb up does not mean that person able to climb down. Many urban children no longer has this adventure of climbing. Looking at the point of developmental need i allow Timmyto climb up tree. it is a surprise to see him able to get down from the tree. A real challenging to work with Timmy, will he improve further?

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