Shin-journey 3- new sign

August 15, 2018.

These two to three years i seldom update my post. I have invest much of my time in reading so as to sharpen my skill.

I am thankful for Shin’s improvement. His mom said prior therapy lesson with me. Both her and husband dare not have meal at the shop . Shin is unable to cope up with the environment and the level of noise or sound. After attend therapy, Shin is able to control himself. Both parents now are able to have meal in the shop. Shin’s grandparents also can see a change in Shin, he is able to understand instruction more. Shin is able to sit and wait for all to finish their meal .

I always tells parents get your child mentally prepare before they are expose to new environment. So before they went out to eat in shop , his mother  get him prepare of what to expect when arrive at the shop. His mother will tell like a story to him. His mom said Shin less make tantrum, even if he made his mom will tell him “what have i said about to eat at the shop”. from there Shin cool down.

In regards to self help skill. Prior therapy Shin is unable to take food and place into the mouth. But now he can do it pretty well . He is able  to take food like biscuit and nuts to put into mouth. No his mom train him to feed himself. There are some amount of food he feed himself there are some drop on floor. For those food drop unto the floor Shin is not aware of it. However this few week he begin to realise that there are food drop unto the floor , he will try to pick up. It shows Shin is more aware of the surrounding.

let see what will comes up next .




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Rui Rui – 2 Awareness


The moment to wait for Rui to be able to mimic copy your spoken word / speech is rather challenging as no one know when will he begin to say those word . Our awaiting time turn into a miracle,  Rui now  begin to copy to say word that we ask him to say. Prior that Rui only able to recite alphabet in sequence. Rui also begin to sing nursery song though only in few phrases.  When i say Rui come here and sit down. Rui will say sit down . Rui now more cooperative , he listen and understand more compare to before therapy. i will say he is more obedient, cooperative compare to before therapy.

This week i purposely teach word with no picture to him. Word like “blouse , skirt, trouser, cupboard” .my objective is to see weather Rui is able to recorgnise those word i teach him.. Guess do you think he is able to recorgnise. ? Bear in mind Rui has not attend any phonic class before . Those word is beyond his age level of learning. i repeated the word twice. Then i lay down those words; i invite him to take the word “blouse” and give me, to my surprise he is able complete the task, he also copy to say those words . i believe RUI will be able to read ,sing and follow by communication xoon.





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Rui Rui-1. awareness

Aug 16, 2018

Rui Rui -age 3 plus

When i first look into Rui Rui’s need in development. I notice he did not has parents child attachment. He seem did not realize who are his parents. Even for the first to see me, Rui Rui can just allow his parents to leave him with me. He did not make noise even he saw his parents walk out from my place. I also notice they way he manipulate learning tools and material is very rigid. for instant; arranging alphabet he insist he put in order sequence from A to Z. Let say i hide  alphabet “M”. He will just hang on  alphabet “L” till he found “M”. otherwise he will not proceed to N. He is able to name the alphabet . He also  don’t response to prompting. As usual most people will ask is RUI RUI an autism? As per his parents responses RUI RUi was diagnose as autism child. Is he an autism ? I do aware once a parents know their child is autism, they look so hopeless and lost. I advise them to change their mind set. Begin to have faith in God to heal Rui Rui.

I could recall my first hour working with him, both of us has to gone thru a lot of challenges moment. When come to table task, he refuse to follow what i told him to do. Instead of challenges with each others, I decide to start my therapy with him. It was amazing to see for the first lesson he begin to slowly blend into me. I am so confident to later part he will begin to mimic speech. I keep told his mother who is a mainstream school teach that RUi Rui will talk or mimic speech. A hope to his mom. However when will this day take place?




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Yee Yee – mainstream

If you don’t give up you will success, Yee Yee has an amazing mom, this mom also a working mom, when she is in office, Yee Yee will be under the care of grandma. (Yee Yee’s mom’s mom). Yee Yee only come to my programme an hour per week. Since Yee Yee did not attend any pre or play school, it did not mean she don’t learn at home. I have share with her mom what to do , why to do? this mom has keep expand her home lesson for Yee Yee. This include Multi sensory which most parents has to pay a lot for this lesson.

This year Yee Yee is 6 years old, i advise her mom to let her to join the 5 years old lesson in the mainstream preschool (school for normal children). Thankful the preschool accept her to join the school. Prior send her to the preschool, we have get her prepare to join the mainstream preschool. She is toilet train, she is able to grip pencil. This two skill has ease the teacher who will teach her.

It is rather amaze to know Yee Yee has a strong  and sharp in hearing. it is easy for her to identify the alphabet. I just read a word and i ask her to find the beginning sound of the words, she is able to find it. In my therapy i also work to see has her brain recover. She also has acquire the concept of mathematic in both counting and isolation prior she attend the preschool.


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Yee Yee – a new begining

It has been sometime i would like to pen down the development of Yee Yee . In deed she is one of the miracle girl.

Three years ago when i first met Yee Yee. She even dont respond to her mom when her mom  call her. According to her mom, it was 1 out of 10 calls she maybe respond by look at her.

In my first met up (pre therapy) Yee Yee does not talk / no verbal speech, she do not understand instruction. she does not have eye contact. Academically she yet to acquire. she yet to have pincer grip. she is on dryper, she yet to have matching, sorting skill. Many skills which needed to have she yet to have. But one thing i am sure she will be make whole again.

I work on therapy to recover her brain. As Yee Yee’s brain recover,  her speech will be restore. Apart from therapy i also share with her mom on what are the follow up activities to do at home. The therapy lesson is design according to Yee Yee’s personal needs in development. Does she has formal diagnose by any specialist in child development? Off course yes. She was diagnose with Autism. Does Autism has cure ? i will not  debate on this but all i know i have to combine all my knowledge and skill to improve her. Does she improve? Yee Yee is look after by her grandma, off course  her mom did try to register her  to kinddies however no centrre want to accept her. Yee Yee attend my lesson an hour per week . We did have fun time in therapy. Does she improve ?


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Time flies August 2018

August 1, 2018.

This year has been a challenge in my work with the children. Most of the children who come to me are serious children. Some has attended other therapy and yet to see much improvement. I truely thank God to send me to learn up therapy technique that is not practice by most of the therapy in country. It is a huge cost i have put in it. Thankfully those skill combine with prayer has become an atomic bomb in healing.

Apart from serving the preschooler, i have also extend my service to primary schooler who has yet to cope with their academic and other ability. I always share with clients/ parents, if a child is able to talk did not mean they don’t have learning challenges. Truely many primary schooler has learning challenges. Some their mom accept this facts, they begin to send child for therapy. This has help them to improve their ability in learning capacity.

Accepting the facts of a child’s in ability to cope in schooling  is the key for future excellent. Living in denial will just cause more harm to the child. The cost to upkeep and maintain an adult child is more costly than the cost for a preschooler. My apologize if my word has offend some parents who read this massage.

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Shin- Journey 2-shine

August 1, 2018

It has been sometime i did not update my life journey with the child i work with . A dad come to me, he said i should update my work with children.

Here is the story about Shin. A journey of up and down in his improvement. There is a time he out of sudden keep fall on the ground. He was check into the hospital for further check up. After discharged he become very attached to his mother, he has a fear of his mother will leave him.

Amazingly after one lesson of therapy, his mother begin to see a light in Shin. he begin show the sign of improvement, his fears of mother will left him has subside. Up to now he has completely recover from those fears/ separation fears.

Feed back received from his mother. Shin begin to have verbal to address father and mother. Shin also able to make request when he is hungry. His understand of instruction also firm up. Shin is able to feed himself with snack compare to when he first come to me, he yet to able to feed himself. His mom also said when they went out for meal Shin is able to wait for her to finish her meal compare to before therapy, he cant wait, he will make noise. It is pleasing to know people surround Shin are able to his improvement.

eg. today i told him, sit down and don’t move here and there. Truely he sit down in obedient. There we start our therapy lesson. Amazingly he did not throw tantrum as he was before . i also saw his ability to climb stair case has improve, he no longer need much support, he is able to climb up stair case, so as to come down from staircase.

Many people has ask me what therapy technique i apply to improve a child. I can only tell  them, my lesson is design in according to the need of the child in development. Every child’s lesson are different.

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Shin-journey 1

Dec 1, 2017

A post i write but i yet to  publish

Miracle is what i will always say, to me all the improvement is a miracle from God.

Shin is age 6, at age of 5 months he has to undergo heart by pass, 2 year 7 months has to go another major operation to correct his tetralogy of fallot (TOF) with proximal artey stenosis) , at age  3 years 8 month  he went for a  CT scan . All his developmental has been delay. He

He yet to be able to understand instruction, no pincer grip, yet to verbal, yet to have academic / cognitive skill, yet to able to climb up stair case by himself, yet to be able to feed himself, his walking still yet to grounded with firm stability.

4 months ago i begin to work with him, an hour perweek. (4 hours per month). don’t ask me is this enough hour, at that moment this is the hour i can slot for him. Within 4 hours lesson, his mom begin to see a change in him. I also told his mom not to offend hospital therapy, so Shin also attend hospital therapy. The therapist in hospital was surprise to see the changes in him. Prior attend my lesson, Shin will cry each time he attend to hospital therapy. After attend my lesson, he no longer cry to attend therapy in hospital. He walks confidently into the therapy room.

Shin’s mom also updated that Shin begin able to take instruction within 4 hours lesson. Shin’s mom said before attend therapy with me, Shin unable to understand instruction but now he accept and understand instruction.



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Lerler – challenge

Nov 30. 2017

Time flies very fast, Lerler attend AMCDC therapy a year ago. He only attend an hour perweek. The first hour i work with Lerler, he only able to say a phrase “go to po po house”. Only a phrase of verbal i listen.

Pre therapy : Lerler has tip toe walking, no gripping ability unable to write, limited vocabulary in speech and read – go to popo house is what he knows. his temper is like a tsunami, you wont know when he will burst out. He is rather a firm child – society will name it staburn but i see it as a strong will child.

Post therapy: Lerler develop a good communication – he will express in verbal of what he needs, He  has a sense of humor too. He talks a lot , he will talk about his interest of Batman, Thomas train, animals topic too. He begin to like books. His pencil grip has improve. He is able to read, copy and  write the words.

It was a challenge to work with Lerler, I am thankful he has improve so much from a boy who has limited speech to a boy who has much verbal . He is able to communicate with me with understanding. Many time i negotiate with him for what i want him to do after he acquire writting skill. He is able to compromise to accept the task. Apart from that he also develop the joy to sing.

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MIKI- progress

Time flies and here I am trying to catch up to share my great experiences through my blog.

MiKi (6 years old) come to attend my therapy program in final quarter of the year.

Pre therapy:

MiKi has not been able to write in proper manner and no one is able to read what he wrote.

He is unable to draw simple picture, shows lacking in imagination.

Miki has limited reading ability with limited words power.

He has poor temper, his temper is like tsunami, no one knows when he will burst out.

He is afraid of thunder.

After therapy .

MiKi is able to write in proper manner, I am able to read what he wrote. He begins to show interest in drawing pictures. Upon drawing the picture, MiKi will share/tells the story of the picture he draws.  His has build up the imagination. By composing his own story, this has greatly shows the improvement of his creativity.

Along the therapy I do develop his vocabulary power. I always believe once his brain is make whole, other areas of development will come along . Through developing vocabulary power, his reading ability also has improve tremendously.

I could recall on one particular evening when MiKi’s dad sent him for therapy. MiKi  throws a huge tantrum. This is the first time I came across his tantrum. How to calm him down? I just kept silent and observe him, until he cools down . I have the confident MiKi will talk to me instead I go to approach him. Truthfully, MiKi asks me why I don’t talk to him when he has the tantrum. I look directly into his eyes and tell him I am afraid of him, his tantrum is like a lion, I am afraid to approach him. My answer has cheer him. We look at each other, then he burst out in laughter. I can feel the calm vibe in him. Then we carry on our lesson.

I have design a therapy that fits into his development needs, to prepare him to be accepted into international school environment, with his own independency without to hire a shadow aids teacher for him in school. The assessment went successfully, MiKi has been accepted to school. Now he is in Grade 2.

There is no short cut to develop a child, every experience I have with each unique children I work has sharpen my diagnosis skills and abilities to know how to design an effective program to fit into the need of each children.




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