Services provided:
At our Active Mind Child Development Centre (AMCDC), we provide your child with a caring environment, based upon a professional development programme. Our target is fully focussed on enhancing your child’s development for effective learning

We provide inclusive, stimulating age-appropriate activities to promote learning in an holistic setting to lay the foundation for your child’s full potential development as a successful teenager and adult.

At Active mind Child Development Centre, your child will be inspired, motivated, and delighted by age-appropriate learning and creative experiences. Your child will also have the opportunity to grow socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically, based on their developmental needs.

We also provide early intervention services for children with a learning disorder to facilitate their learning process for maximum results and if possible a speedy re-integration in the normal school.

Who should attend?
We have age-appropriate programs for

We also have services related to

  • Hourly, weekly, monthly intervention programme for children.

We also provide training for parents / caregivers / community workers in child development skills.