Preschool Programme

In our pre school programme.
We offer a holistic programme based on the Montessori pedagogy.

The Montessori curriculum focuses on five areas:

  • Practical life — Children learn how to tie their shoes and put on their coats, prepare their own snacks and drinks, go to the bathroom without help, and clean up after themselves if they spill something.
  • Sensory awareness education — Exercises make sure children use all five senses to learn. For example, a child studying about fall gathers leaves and feels how brittle they are.
  • Language arts — English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin — Children are encouraged to express themselves verbally and are taught to trace and recognize letters as a precursor to learning reading, spelling, grammar, and handwriting skills.
  • Mathematics and geometry — Children learn about numbers through hands-on learning using concrete materials, such as the golden beads that represent the hierarchy of the decimal system, for example.
  • Cultural subjects — Children learn about other countries (geography), animals (zoology), time, history, music, movement, science and art.

In additional to Montessori curriculum we have:

  • Music and movement
  • Art and craft
  • Swimming
  • Character building
  • Storytelling

Pre-school/ Kindergarten programs are designed to improve your child’s development in the following key areas:

  • social skills, like how to play with other children in a calm, sharing way;
  • self-awareness and respect for others and own self;
  • emotional skills, for example understanding their own feelings and those of others;
  • language, literacy and numeracy skills, such as reading stories and counting;
  • a joy for learning in group activities, such as talking, drawing and making things together with other children in vertical age;
  • ability to make new friends;
  • exposure to new ideas and concepts;
  • foster a love for learning and develop creativity that will stay with a child for a life time.