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JXian – amazing development

Time really passed by too fast. Jxian is now in grade 3 . He attends a home school for normal children. This home school takes in normal children instead of children with learning challenges. Jxian left the centre (AMCDC) in … Continue reading

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May, 2014 Ruth is an amazing girl. She was diagnose as ADHD with Autism. How accurate is her diagnosed ? This diagnose was done ¬†four years ago. I alway told myself our brain is plasticity, brain cell keeps growing as … Continue reading

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I am still alive 2014

Dear friends, My apologize for the long silent in updating my developmental blog. I am not a blogger but I wrote what is true happened in my work with learning challenges children. There is a hope in children with learning … Continue reading

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Abel 1.1- wonder

August 2012. Time really passes by so fast, and I apologize for the slownes of updating my blog. I have been spending much time in observing child development after the therapy lessons. Abel’s poor vestibular system has him to bang … Continue reading

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