April 2014

Ian has move into another level of development. He has now able to understand instruction and wait for it . eg. if he want the mobile, his mom will always remind him that he has to finish the homework (school worksheet) . I am a person who don’t like to give  homework for  children, i would rather the child spend time with parents either  for game, story reading. Ian has a younger sister, his sister alway has homework to do from her preschool. If i don’t give Ian homeswork, his sister will ask why Ian don’t have. This make parent in tough time to answer. Hence i also will give Ian homework. Hence both brother and sister  can do together at home.

He has  cultivated the likeness of homework, he will ask homework ? He also cultivate the interest to like book, daily he must open the children dictionary to read.   We are moving into mathematic, additional, more or less, large and less, big or small number. what number come before the given number? arrange from small number to large number. color the largest number / objects, circle the small number/ small objects. Simple instruction like this Ian has able to read to understand .

It is a challenging journey to work with Ian who was diagnose with dypraxia. Laying a strong foundation has play part of the role to develop Ian. There were few time i have the chance to went out for dinner with Ian. I noticed he rather focus on his meal, what he wants he is able to communicate to us. When he ask for smartphone from his mom, his mom will say you finish eats first then you can have mobile. Hence he will finish his meal in proper manner. His mom no longer has spend much time to feed him. Mobile phone is no good to child. My suggestion to her is no mobile phone, but activity sheet, animal plays for Ian if he ask. I also notice Ian able to understand what his mom told like finish your meal then mommy give you.

The cooperation between parent and us are important factor for Ian’s improvement in development. Ian’s parents are working parents, they have done a good work for Ian.


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