Milah – speech social skill

Jan 9 to 14, 2012.
Another week past, working with Milah really makes me to recall childhood memories. Milah used to be a girl who did not speak much. But now she speaks much. The tone of her voice is firm and clear. Every morning before cognitive development, Milah and the other children will receive a series of therapies to re-activate their neurons.

Our brain is just like our car engine. If we start our car engine but we don’t drive it, our car is unable to move. So it is with our brains. I have re-activate it for the children, I have to prepare the way for them to move it to the next level. This goes to Milah.

The “Story telling” session has been an interesting and interactive time. Milah truly enters into the story and points out questions. Compared to the first time I met her, now she became more confident. Her confidence has motivated her to speak out: e.g., I told the children if you forget to bring your water and you do not inform me, don’t expect me to read your mind and know you did not bring it. Of course I know who forgot to bring water but I am just opening a way for them to express their needs. On a few occasions Milah indeed told me that she did not bring water. Thus we allow children to make their own choices and decisions. Through this free will decision I can know more about the child’s emotional status and feedback to the environment.

The therapy sessions really improved Milah’s focus in learning, she also shows the eagerness to learn and is not passive. Bear in mind, the basic of all therapy is that we don’t “force feed” the children, we allow time for them to search and digest after we delivered the lesson to them. This may take a while, but the results are more deep and permanent: they become really an inner part of the child and not something which they just do because they have to do it.

In Rebound Therapy, Milah truly immerses herself in it. Her movement and rhythm is beautiful: to me it expresses that she has found an internal harmony.

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