Caleb – Speech

Feb 20 to 24, 2012.

I received feedback from Caleb’s mother. She said Caleb has improved much in behavior and speech. He is more obedient and has a clearer speech compared to before he came for therapy. Caleb’s driver who brings him from the centre to his care provider’s house also commented that Caleb’s speech is more clear with a larger choice of vocabulary. His care provider also said so.

Caleb gets daily therapy. Last week, up to Thursday, he could not go up on the trampoline for Rebound Class. Last Friday, I held him up to the trampoline. I play with him and I start with a gentle bounce. I could see he could not tolerate the stress and has fear of imbalance. When he is stressed, he will ask for water or to go to the toilet. For the first time I will walk with him to give all what he need. But to my surprise he did nothing in the toilet.

On Monday I ignored all his request, We go up to bounce, this time I video the bouncing time. Afterwards I allow him to see himself in the video. He seems to be proud of himself. Tuesday Caleb went up to the trampoline. This time he is not as stressed as before. He is able to interact with me,  e.g. lift up hand, bounce to catch the moon. He replies “No moon … no more in dark dark (night)”. Then I reply “Catch the sun”.

Rebound Therapy also stimulated Celeb to keep longer focused when doing a task.

Caleb’s concentration also improved, he is always curious to adventure new things. Mornings he will take out his own tool for speech organ development and sits to wait for us to start the session with him.

Maria Montessori (LOC)

Maria Montessori (R) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

I was thinking, how does it come he did not respond to Montessori school training and he dozed off in class? I completed my diploma in teaching Montessori, so I know it is an adventurous time to be in a full Montessori bases concept centre … but how does it come Caleb dozed off in school? What went wrong there?







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